Welcome To Iron Works Fitness!

Are you looking for the best gym equipped with all the essential facilities for your training? Do you want to lose weight? Would you like to build muscle? Do you want to have six pack? Well, worry no more. The solution is here. Ironworks Fitness has all that you need for excellent training. It is simply the best fit for you.

We are equipped with state of the art facilities that will enable you to train effectively and efficiently. We know that equipment matters a lot when it comes to training. That is why we have invested a lot in modern gym facilities to enable you to get the best results within a short period, which makes us an excellent choice.

We have employed the best gym instructors with many years of experience in training individuals how to work out in the gym. They know the best exercises for you depending on your level of fitness. They’ll help to prevent any injuries that may result due to lifting heavy weights which are beyond your ability.

Our gym instructors will advise you on the number of sets and reps that you should make to get the results that you require. They will also give you support as you lift weights to encourage you or participate in other exercises.

We also have great mirrors fitted on the walls to enable you to view yourself as you train. This will help you to see how your body is progressing regarding muscle building or weight loss.

We also provide water for you to quench your thirst and replace the lost water due to sweating. We also advise you on the best diet.

We have different types of equipment to enable you to engage in various exercises. This ranges from pulleys, dumbbells, barbells, benches and more.


Our gym instructors are very friendly and understanding. You can always ask them questions. Any assistance you need will be provided.

This is just a tip of the iceberg. Welcome to Ironworks Fitness, and enjoy excellent training – GUARANTEED!

October 13 Update: We’ve recently partnered with HealthVI.org, a consumer protection review site in the weight loss/diet industry, which provides unbiased diet and weight loss product reviews. We’re very proud of the added benefit this will bring to our members, and highly recommend checking them out if you’re considering products to supplement your diet/exercise regimen.